Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wire Nail Making Machine

What is Nail Making Machine

It is well known that nails are necessary in every family, every factory and in every industry. Because of the high developing speed of the construction industry, it creates a huge demand for nails. Also the market of nails will be bigger and bigger in future. Many business men find it a good business opportunity and have started investing into the nail making business. For example, the entrepreneur Mr. Gichuru Riria in Kenya, who bought 3 Nail Making machine with the auxiliaries such as wire drawing machine, nail polishing drum etc., is making good profit from this business with the average capacity of 3 tons of nails per day.

Why the client choose us, because

  • one of the Biggest manufactures of the Wire Nail Making Machine in India
  • the earliest manufacture of the Wire Nail Making Machine in India with 7 years experience
  • We have the test center of the machine, and we built one related company (making the Wire Nail) with our machine.
  • Every machine will test before delivery and we will send the test video and other related video to our client
  • all the motor of the machine with the ISO certificate
  • recommend clients for free, offer the project report and the profit table
  • Change the electrical power and all part of wire nail making machine for free during warranty time.
  • Offer the free stuff training & arrange technical operator for our customer.
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